Ravisante Inc

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Make-Up and Hair Care
Professional Make-Up Services for Special Occasions

We specialize in Special Event  Make-up (Weddings - Parties etc). Our Make-up Artist has worked for Commercial film productions, fashion photographers, was a free-lance make-up artist for several TV and Film production houses and taught make-up at Martier Aesthetic School  and Fashion Make-Up for the Charles Stuart Agency.  We accept fashion make-up, aesthetics, camouflage and special effects assignments.

We do on-site and off-site work.. 

By Appointment only - call for Details.

Hair Care for Men, Women and Children

Women's Haircut & Style      $ 55 and up
Men's Hair Cut & Style           $ 45 and up
Children's Hair Cut/Style       $ 25 and up
Shampoo & Set                      $ 30 and up
Color (single)                          $ 45 and up
Highlights (partial)                 $ 70 and up
Highlights (full)                       $105and up
Lowlights                                 $ 95 and up
Lowlights (partial)                  $ 25 and up
Perm (full)                                $ 85 and up
Perm (partial)                          $ 55 and up
Shampoo and Blow Dry        $ 25 and up

Hot Protein Treatment for Damaged / Brittle hair with Water-induced steamer                     $45 and up

We use Products from Well-known and Respected Companies in all our Hair Services.