Facials Especially  for Men

Urban Man Facial
60 mins.  Created and customized for the needs of a man's skin, this deep cleansing treatment removes dead skin and pore clogging debris, and is followed by extractions. A masque is applied to hydrate the skin, along with relaxing facial massage to renew the senses.  $65

Rejuvenation for a Man's Face.  A great 30 minute facial service designed to infuse moisture and nutrients to correct damage from environmental polution. Cleansers and moisturizers work together with a gentle vitamin infused peel that exfoliates and brightens the skin.        $65.00

For the teenager

A teenager facial
60 mins Facial.  Excellent treatment to address the needs of a young person , male or female. Includes extractions and mask to help with break-outs and irritated skin.      $65.00

For both sexes

Back treatment
60 mins. A facial for your back. This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes and clears the impurities of the skin. Includes a relaxing back massage and masking.    $70.00

Ravisante Inc

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Skin Care - Facials - Permanent Make-up & Other Skin Treatments
Ravisante specializes is personalized treatments designed for you and your skin only. We are using a combination of high quality, professional grade product to ensure maximum result.  We treat acne, rosecea, couperose and hyper pigmentation. In addition we have the following A LA CARTE beauty treatments for you.

For the Ladies

Facial Care

Deep Cleaning Treatment
75 minute sessions       $80

Acne Correction & Lumifacial Treatment
90 minute sessions       $110

Hydrating & Desensitizing
90 minute sessions       $110

Vitamins Energy Therapy Treatment
90 minute sessions        $110

Special Facial Care

Microneedle Treatment System ( MTS)
90 minute session     $150
MTS roller creates dermal damage without the removal of the healthy
epidermis, which happens with other resurfacing techniques
Because the epidermis is left intact, the healing period is rapid and it allows natural collagenases to occur

Diamond Peel Treatment
90 minute sessions      $120
Diamond Peel is a fast and pain-free non-surgical exfoliation of the skin using natural diamond chips while at the same time vacuuming the dead cells away. It rejuvenates the skin, leaving it remarkably supple, vibrant and youthful-looking

Anti-Aging Facial Care

Sea C Spa & Lumifacial Treatment

90 minute session        $140
Sea C Spa is a treatment that acts as an anti-aging treatment originating entirely from marine and vegetal active ingedients, providing long-lasting results on lines and wrinkles or a youthful skin appearance

Botinol & Limufacial Treatment
100 minutes session        $160
This treatment is a combination of Retinol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Isoflavone, Algea Matrix and 5 peptides including Matrixyl and Argrieline. Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. The skin appears visibly younger

Collagen Facial (anti-aging) & Lumifacial treatment
90 minute session       $140
An intensive anti-aging skin care treatment that hydrates, rejuvenates, and refines the skin's surface. A clinically proven treatment that helps to correct the visible signs of aging 

 Note: For best results we suggest a series of 6 treatments. Ask for pricing.